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Managing Change Important for Business Organizations Free Essays

â€Å"The capacity to overseeing change Is a significant factor for today’s business association to stay serious and relevant† Critically investigate and talk about the above articulation and specifically examined the kind of changes that an association is exposed to and the impact of these progressions to the association. Moreover, your conversation ought to remember procedures for dealing with these progressions Assessment Requirements Individual Type-composed Report Maximum word length permitted is 3000 words The necessary substance of the record created Is required to be inside explicit saying work lengths (In sections) and to cover the particular zones as follows:- 1. A chapter by chapter list 2. We will compose a custom paper test on Overseeing Change: Important for Business Organizations or on the other hand any comparable point just for you Request Now A rundown of figures as well as rundown of tables where fitting 3. Official Summary-( 10 imprints - 300 words) 4. Presentation - ( 10 imprints - 300 words) 5. Writing Review-Critical Analysis (60 imprints - 2100 words) 6. Ends - ( 10 7. References Presentation †10 imprints 8. Reference index 9. Addendums if proper This task Is worth half of the last appraisal of the module. Understudy is required to present a sort composed report in Microsoft Word design with Times New Roman text style type, size 12 and line dividing of 1. 5. The Harvard Style of Referencing framework is COMPULSORY. Essential references and references embracing the Harvard Referencing System. Understudies who have been found to have submitted demonstrations of Plagiarism are naturally considered to have bombed the whole semester. Whenever found to have penetrated the guideline for the subsequent time, you will be approached to leave the course. Literary theft includes taking somebody else’s words, musings, thoughts or papers from online article banks and attempting to make them look like your own. It is a type of deceiving which is paid attention to very. Deal with your work and protect it. Don’t leave it lying around where your schoolmates can discover it. Malaysian Qualifications Agency Learning Outcomes Module Learning Outcome After finishing the module, the understudy ought to have the option to: Advance a multidimensional comprehension of the drivers of globalization Critically assess a scope of regulating inquiries corresponding with the impacts of globalization on the economy and association Have bits of knowledge into possibility variables of innovative headway and ecological vulnerability which impact the choice to globalize Notes on Plagiarism Harvard Referencing Plagiarism is making crafted by others look like your own. This establishes scholarly robbery and is a genuine issue which is punished in task checking. Written falsification is the accommodation of a thing of evaluation containing components of work created by another person(s) so that it could be thought to be the student’s own work. Instances of written falsification are: the verbatim duplicating of another person’s work thou affirmation the nearby rewording of another person’s work by basically changing a couple of words or modifying the request for introduction without affirmation the unacknowledged citation of expressions from another person’s close summarizing with intermittent affirmation of the source may likewise be esteemed to be literary theft if the nonappearance of quotes infers that the manner is the student’s own. Copyright infringements work may have a place with another understudy or be from a distributed source, for example, a book, report, Journal or material accessible on the web. Harvard Referencing The structure of a reference under the Harvard referencing framework is the author’s family name, year of distribution, and page number or range, in brackets, as represented in the Smith model close to the highest point of this article. The page number or page run is discarded if the whole work is refered to. The author’s last name is precluded on the off chance that it shows up in the content. Therefore we may state: â€Å"Jones (2001) upset the field of injury medical procedure. A few creators are refered to utilizing â€Å"and† or â€Å"†: (Deane, Smith, and Jones, 1991) or (Deane, Smith ; Jones, 1991). Multiple creators are refered to utilizing et al. (Deane et al. 1992). An obscure date is refered to as no date (Deane n. D. ). A reference to a reproduce is re fered to with the first distribution date in square sections (Marx [1867] 1967, p. 90). In the event that a writer distributed two books in 2005, the time of the first (in the alphabetic request of the references) is refered to and referenced as AAA, the second as Bibb. A reference is put any place proper in or after the sentence. In the event that it is toward the finish of a sentence, it is put before the period, however a reference for a whole square statement quickly follows the period toward the finish of the square since the reference isn't a genuine piece of the citation itself. Complete references are given in order request in an area following the content, generally assigned as â€Å"Works cited† or â€Å"References. † The contrast between a â€Å"works cited† or â€Å"references† list and a list of sources is that a reference index may incorporate works not legitimately refered to in the content. All references are in a similar textual style as the fundamental content. Models Examples of book references are: Smith, J. (AAA). Dutch Citing Practices. The Hogue: Holland Research Foundation. Smith, J. (Bibb). Harvard Referencing. London: Jolly Good Publishing. In giving the city of distribution, a universally notable city, (for example, London, The Hogue, or New York) is referenced as the city alone. In the event that the city isn't universally notable, the nation (or state and nation if in the U. S. ) are given. A case of a Journal reference: Smith, John Maynard. â€Å"The cause of altruism,† Nature 393, 1998, up. 639-40. A case of a paper reference: Boycott, Owen. â€Å"Street Protest†, The Guardian, October 18, 2005, got to February 7, 2006. The most effective method to refer to Managing Change: Important for Business Organizations, Papers

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After Divorce

Myparents separated from when I was two, and the repercussions of their split endured longafter it was conclusive. My mom was a parochial teacher who earned justenough to remain off government assistance, however insufficient for us to live easily. Utilitiesin our house were separated every once in a while, and it appeared as though we would nevercatch up. My mom additionally filled in for late shifts, so after school I would go to mygrandparents house. I invested little energy with my mom since she worked duringthe week, and in the long run on ends of the week, as well. My most difficult recollections ofthat time are not of being prodded for my constrained closet, or the occasions we had norunning water on the grounds that my mom missed installments. The most troublesome experiencewas watching my mom cry around evening time, while I embraced her and revealed to her I lovedher. Through this, I adapted to such an extent. I came to esteem education,family and confidence. I buckled down in school, and earned passing marks. I learned frommy moms model (she returned to class after three youngsters and a divorce)that it is significant for a lady to attend a university and not rely upon a man. I cameto esteem more distant family support and built up a cozy relationship with mygrandparents and cousins since I was with them so much while my mom worked. Last, my confidence turned out to be exceptionally solid. In spite of the fact that my mom was exceptionally occupied, shemade sure we as a whole went to chapel together every Sunday. Generally significant, we did notblame God for our circumstance. Rather, we expressed gratitude toward Him for the beneficial things in ourlives. We were thankful for the individuals who thought about us, for not being on thestreets, and for good wellbeing when we didn't have medical coverage. My parentsdivorce caused hardships and torment, yet it was likewise an encounter that I would notchange in light of the amount I learned.

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Cognates of Cognition

Cognates of Cognition Cognates of Cognition Cognates of Cognition By Mark Nichol Cognizance is the utilization of mental procedures, for example, getting the hang of, recalling, thinking, and comprehension. It comes from the Latin action word cognoscere, which means â€Å"become familiar with.† Not each word with the letter string â€Å"c-o-g† is connected, yet a significant number are. Insights concerning cognition’s cognates follow. On the whole, a gander at the development of the words. The syllable machine gear-piece isn’t the premise of terms identified with knowing and thinking; cognoscere comprises of co-and gnoscere; that word implies â€Å"come to know.† Know itself is related with gnoscere and the Greek action word gignÃ¥ skein-the premise of elf, most popular as the name of an underground dwarflike animal in fables yet additionally an equivalent for proverb, and gnosis, a word alluding to profound information that is likewise the base of visualization (actually, â€Å"foreknowledge†) and determination, which means â€Å"identification† or â€Å"analysis.† Related itself isn't related with comprehension: It implies â€Å"related,† and comes from the Latin word nasci, which means â€Å"to be born,† and is related with incipient (and local). Nor is surname, which implies â€Å"nickname† or â€Å"additional name† and gets from the Latin thing nomen, which means â€Å"name.† Strangely, fitting, which means â€Å"necessary† or â€Å"urgent,† and particularly its related reflection, which implies â€Å"intent thought,† are likewise inconsequential to insight; they get separately from the Latin action word agere, which means â€Å"drive,† and its frequentative (rehashed or repetitive) structure agitare, which is additionally the starting point of unsettle. Another word with a particular historical underpinnings is machine gear-piece, alluding to a tooth on a wheel in an apparatus system and likely acquired from a Scandinavian language. Words in the cognoscere family in English incorporate acknowledgment (truly, â€Å"knowing again†) and precognition (truly, â€Å"knowing before†); the last was the uncommon capacity of the Precogs in Steven Spielberg’s film Minority Report and the Philip K. Dick short story on which it is (approximately) based. Two different words that are connected out of the blue so-are observation (â€Å"military survey†) and that word’s action word structure, inspect, both received from French in any case originating from recognoscere, the Latin inception of perceive. Different family members are comprehension (â€Å"awareness,† â€Å"acknowledgment,† or â€Å"responsibility†) and recognizance, got from a prior feeling of observation (â€Å"acknowledgment†) and utilized in legitimate settings in expressions, for example, â€Å"released all alone recognizance† to show that somebody perceives his commitment to show up in court sometime in the future. Epicurean (â€Å"expert†), from French, and its Italian cousin cognoscente (which in English built up a different feeling of â€Å"someone in the know†) are additionally related, as are in secret (â€Å"unknown,† from Italian and alluding to being in mask or unknown or utilizing a bogus name) and â€Å"terra incognita† (actually, â€Å"unknown land†), taken straightforwardly from Latin. Need to improve your English in a short time a day? Get a membership and begin accepting our composing tips and activities day by day! Continue learning! Peruse the Vocabulary classification, check our famous posts, or pick a related post below:20 Types and Forms of Humor3 Types of Headings10 Terms for the Common People

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What Everyone Else Does When It Comes to Good Legalizing Weed Essay Topics and What You Must Do Different

What Everyone Else Does When It Comes to Good Legalizing Weed Essay Topics and What You Must Do Different You are able to use foreign information too. Select topics which make sense. Within the upcoming few paragraphs, I'll go over some of its uses among reasons it ought to be legalized. Some essay topics are simple, while some are difficult or controversial. It is a good example of the way in which a student should select the reason and effect topics. Order our top-quality services to benefit from expert help. Facts, Fiction and Good Legalizing Weed Essay Topics This produces the costs for enforcement taxes extremely high, something which would be prevented if marijuana should happen to become legal. The legalization isn't only predicted to do so, but will actually create a taxable industry and make thousands new legit job positions. Moreover, proponents contend that prohibition hasn't been demonstrated to have a measurable influence on the demand for drugs generally spe aking. Ultimately, proponents of legalization contend that prohibition is the reason for the government to lose out on a chance to elevate an incredible sum of tax revenue. It usually means that you can't opt for any particular stance concerning a specific topic. Needless to say, these aren't the only decisions facing those who are considering legalizing marijuana. The policy has to be changed. Another argument in favor of legalization is there are many pursuits that are deemed integral elements of day-to-day life which are more lethal than marijuana. Although there are lots of arguments in favor of legalizing marijuana, more clinical and laboratory research is essential to enhance our wisdom and comprehension of marijuana. Don't neglect to make a last decision from your stance. The Most Popular Good Legalizing Weed Essay Topics Holland is the very first country to legalize marijuana, the research reveal that the amount of drug abuse in this country is quite low. The gover nment should find these facts and adjust the marijuana policy once possible. Also, many people feel that like alcohol and cigarettes, marijuana could be detrimental to an individual's individual wellness. These individuals become put in prison, letting taxpayers cover their food, housing, medical insurance, court expenses, etc.. When you examine the benefits, there isn't any question that marijuana ought to be legal throughout the full nation. The policy clearly ought to be changed in the event the government doesn't even think about the drug a danger to disease. THC, tetrahyrocannabinol is the principal active part of marijuana. It's been studied and lots of studies demonstrate that weed could create very very good revenue (Head). Why Almost Everything You've Learned About Good Legalizing Weed Essay Topics Is Wrong It's possible to compose an argumentative essay concerning this debatable issue. Expert opinions play a major role within this kind of writing. Our article pro vides the top-preferred cause and effect essay topics from a selection of academic fields that will assist students understand the manner everything functions within this world. Continue reading this useful guide to discover the proper solution to this question. This third point doesn't mean that marijuana is wholly safe for use, which explains why any suitable marijuana legalization ought to be carefully crafted to limit men and women in marijuana consumption. The simple truth is, marijuana is not anywhere near as dangerous as other drugs like cocaine. An individual would steal in order to acquire cocaine or crack, but a marijuana user is not as likely to steal to receive the drug. There are lots of misconceptions about marijuana existent in today's world. All things considered, marijuana ought to be legalized and the policy ought to be changed immediately. The second reason marijuana ought to be legal is the price tag. There are a number of reasons that marijuana ought to be made legal, but additionally, there are reasons that it should not. Legalizing marijuana usage can be helpful to society when it has to do with the money which can be made from it legally. The chance of using cocaine was estimated to be more than 104 times greater for those people who have tried marijuana than for those people who have never tried it. Many individuals think that marijuana shouldn't be put in exactly the same category like heroin, cocaine, and crack. It ought to be below the category that includes alcohol, tobacco, and sometimes even sugar. The policy that's preventing the legalization of marijuana has to be changed simultaneously.

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Film and Novel Comarison of Of Mice and Men by Steinbeck...

Film and Novel Comarison of Of Mice and Men by Steinbeck For my assignment I am going to compare both directors of the book and the film, and also their writing techniques. The director of the film has many different techniques to utilize; actors, camera shots, location, properties, sound, music, light. Compared to the way John Steinbeck wrote the book, Gary Sinise interpreted the novel very differently. John Steinbecks novel is sequential, but Sinise chose to ignore this. The writer in contrast, has only words to make their special effects. John Steinbeck uses a Panorama to open his novel. A panorama opening to the novel: California, Gabilan Mountains, Salinas River, Soledad Town, Pool†¦show more content†¦The next screen shot is of the two men, George and Lennie splashing through the water. There is a medium camera shot. There are sounds of panting, and instinct words. There is tension building here as the music swells. The next shot is of George and Lennie hiding in the reeds, medium cuts to close up, we can see the big man, George, is keeping his head down in disguise so no one can see him. At this point there are constant inter cuts, it looks like the two men are hoping for an escape, the music recedes temporarily. The next shot is the men and their horses and dogs again, looking for something they cant find, perhaps something like George and Lennie. George and Lennie are still hidden in the water, there is a low angle shot used here, and a close up of them two. The figures start to become very tiny, and all the voices start to fade away. There is a long shot of camera use here. There is a different type of music played here; the music is also starting to fade away now, into the background and then gradually the light starts to fade away and the atmosphere becomes pitch black. All you can hear is the sounds of trains passing over the railway tracks, dramatic music playing increases sense of tension, piano, violins, strings, and this slowly introduces the theme. A few miles of Soledad, the Salinas River drop in close to the hillside bands and runs deep and green.

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The Death Penalty Is Not Morally Permissible - 1231 Words

For thousands of years, punishment for crime has been met with several different styles of execution. In 1976, the United States government reinstalled the death penalty four short years after having banned it claiming that it violated the Constitution s ban on cruel and unusual punishment (MacKinnon, Ethics 289). Since 1976, the morality of execution as just punishment has been a highly discussed topic. The death penalty is not morally permissible because dissolving one s basic human right to life is wrong. In the United States, 36 states participate in capital punishment in one or more of the five different forms, including lethal injection, electrocution, gas chambers, firing squad, and hanging (â€Å"Description of Execution†). After being banned in 1972, several states sought to bring back capital punishment by providing sentence guidelines for both jury and judges when deciding the fit case in which to impose death (â€Å"Introduction to the Death Penalty†). These guidelines proved the punishment was constitutional under the Eight Amendment, proving it wasn’t â€Å"cruel and unusual† punishment under the correct circumstances. Three procedural reforms were approved by the case Gregg vs. Georgia, including bifurcated trials (separating guilt and penalty phases of trial), automatic appellate reviews of court decisions, and proportionality review to help eliminate sentencing disparities (â€Å"Introduction to the Death Penalty†). Ever since these changes in 1976, the death penaltyShow MoreRelatedAristotle Mill on Capital Punishment1322 Words   |  6 Pagescapital offenses by the state, or in other words, the death penalty. The first established death penalty laws can date back to the Eighteenth Century B.C. and the ethical debates towards this issue have existed just as long. There is a constant pro-con debate about this issue, and philosophers like Aristotle and Mill have their own take on this controversy as well. Aris totle is against capital punishment, while Mill believes it is morally permissible. Let me start off with Aristotle. InRead MorePros And Cons Of Capital Punishment1608 Words   |  7 PagesThe death penalty is quickly becoming one of the more controversial topics in the United States. Currently, there are 31 states where capital punishment is legal. As of April 2016, there have been 1,431 executions in the United States, but the number of executions in recent years has been steadily decreasing (Timmons 2017). The death penalty can be put up for moral debate, and one can ask oneself whether the death penalty is ever morally permissible. There are some pros and cons to having capitalRead MoreMoral Consequences Of The Death Penalty1623 Words   |  7 PagesConsequences of The Death Penalty The death penalty is quickly becoming one of the more controversial topics in the United States. Currently, there are 31 states where capital punishment is legal. As of April 2016, there have been 1,431 executions in the United States, but the number of executions in recent years has been steadily decreasing (Timmons 2017). The death penalty can be put up for moral debate, and one can ask oneself whether the death penalty is ever morally permissible. There are someRead MoreThe Dilemma Of The Death Penalty1703 Words   |  7 Pagesdilemma of the death penalty in the philosophical outlooks of Utilitarianism and Deontology, present arguments in light of both, and proceed to show why Deontology offers the best insights into the justification for the death penalty. The death penalty, also known as â€Å"capital punishment†, is, â€Å"the sentence of execution for murder and some other capital crimes (serious crimes, especially murder, which are punishable by death).† (Death Penalty Law, Law And Legal Definition). The death penalty has existedRead MoreThe Death Penalty Is Morally Justified1444 Words   |  6 Pagesethicists. To compound the issue, not every murderer is Charles Manson. For many years, there has been a debate of whether or not the death penalty is morally justified. This debate has centered on whether humans have the right to take the lives of other human beings and has long divided people politically and socially. People who are in favor of the death penalty believe that, â€Å"Intentionally taking the life of an innocent human being is so evil†¦the perpetrator forfeits his own right to life†(PojmanRead MoreCapital Punishment: Why Death Penalty Is Morally Permissable Essay2465 Words   |  10 PagesWhy the Death Penalty is Morally Permissible Karina Morgan April 13, 2010 Professor Mark Reynolds PHI 206 Sec. 04 Word Count: 1,910 Syllogism for Argument: 1. Every human has a right to life 2. But this right is not absolute because a person’s life can be overridden for good reasons 3. So the right of life does not hold in every situation no matter what 4. One of these situations includes taking the life of another innocent human 5. Therefore, it is morally permissibleRead MoreCapital Punishment : The United States928 Words   |  4 Pagescapital punishment is in decline. Once a near universal practice, the death penalty has been abolished in 101 countries, as of July 2015(Amnesty International, 2015) and executions have become less common amongst industrialised democracies. Some nations keep capital statutes for instances of exceptional crimes such as treason, but parts of the former Soviet Union, Japan and the United States of America (USA) still administer death sentences for ‘ordinary’ crimes of violence. One clear anomaly to thisRead MoreEssay about The Debate Over Capital Punishment1141 Words   |  5 Pages The debate over capital punishment has been raging on for countless number of years. Capital punishment has been used for thousands of years due to the physiological fear it inflicts on the people who witness and learn about the death penalty. The use of this punishment has helped to reduce crime and alter the minds of future criminals to deter them against committing heinous crimes such as murder, treason, espionage, terrorism and in some cases aggravated kidnapping. Advocates say it deters crimeRead MoreShould The Death Penalty Be Abolished?1443 Words   |  6 Pagesthe Death Penalty Be Abolished in the United States? Adalynne Francis CRJU 1000 Dr. Huss November 14, 14 Should capital punishment/ death penalty be abolished in the United States? Many feel that the death penalty is immoral and question whether the state and federal government deserve the right to kill those whom it has imprisoned. On the other hand, those opposed feel that by not acting upon the death penalty communities would plunge in anarchy and that by having the death penaltyRead MoreTed Bundy And The Death Penalty1538 Words   |  7 Pagesit to be much more, nonetheless, he killed people for his own satisfaction. Did he deserve the death penalty? Did he deserve to die when he kill only almost 40 people? It may be a little too late to ask that because on January 24, 1989, he died in Florida’s electric chair as he consewuence. Nonetheless,and as unfortunate as it it, people like bundy exist today, some yet to be discovered. The death penalty is merely retribution, not at all revenge, as they are not nearly the same. Retribution is a

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Management Leadership and Stewardship †

Question: Discuss about the Management Leadership and Stewardship. Answer: Pre-Assumption For many years I have been under the impressions the Management, leadership, and stewardship were one and the same thing. As I attendedmanagement school it soon becomes very clear that the three aspects were very different qualities and every leader must process them to grow(Richman, 2011). I than come across King Gee role play by Bill Quinn which helped mould my perceptions related to developing the perfect career inmanagement and leadership which would see me gradually build my skill and talent by adopting King Gee role play teachings which allowed me to achieve most of my set objectives. In the pastmanagement was considered to be simply monitoring and pressurizing employee to perform better and work harder and this led to many managers failing to observe staff needs. Employees were viewed as a liability that costed the organisation money in terms of salaries. This was due to the limited number of business and large number of skilled professionals leading businesses to monopolize the labour market. Today this has changed and business have not been forced to view employees as asset and with respect to risk experiencing huge employee turnover rates. Employees have more opportunities and will quickly turn to greener pastures if employers do not value their contribution Management refers to the ability to organize operations in a coordinated manner allowing businesses to operate smoothly. This required me to develop my communications skills, interpersonal relationships, team building skills, understand financial aspects of the business, nurture the desired environment, led by example, and help others grow and develop(Magretta, 2012). I also had to focus on first developing my management skills before considering leadership and stewardship skills. Being able to develop my communications skills was the first step as I had to develop a habit of communicating clearly. Team members and colleagues needed to be able to understand the instructions and I also had to direct them precisely towards to what I expected them to achieve(Jacobson, 2009). As per my experience being able to draw the line between acceptable and non-acceptable is critical towards developing management skills. To manage people effectively its also critical to develop once interpersonal relationships with colleagues and stakeholders linked to the business. It is vital to have a positive relationship with all team members who should feel free to approach the manager and discuss their professional or personal concerns(Dwyer, 2013). There must never be any reservation when it comes to communicating since this discourages innovation and problem-solving. As a manager, I have also had to master team building skills which I also used during my leadership roles. For any operation to function smoothly the entire team must remain together and strong. A clear understanding Financial aspects are also critical since the business overall growth must be clearly understood and in visioned(Adair, 2013). I, therefore, had to set benchmarks and goals which I had to constantly remind the team to focus on so as to retain the businesses growth targets. According to me another important aspect of management is being able to understand the colleague and team members personal growth and development needs. As a manager, I have had to envision their expectation and evaluate their practical performance using statistical tools to determine the most suitable appraisal to offer(Jones, 2011). Appraisals must be offered to all team members but being able to determine how much approval each member secures is critical towards determining where the individual will remain with the business or move to the next available opportunity. I have observed first hand that effective leadership skills require a leaders direct involvement in the process. One must be able to learn, understand and master the process and be prepared to set an example of what they expect to see other doing. To develop a leadership role and lead a team towards a common goal the entire team must clearly invasion the target and objective and remain on course to achieve the goal. In addition to always maintaining a clear objective of the intended goal the leader must also develop the following skills; clear communication, motivation, delegation, positivity, trustworthiness, creativity, feedback, and responsibility(HBSP, 2007). Each of these skills plays an important role towards being an effective leader thus leaders must master perfective the skills to be to retain control and the respects and acknowledgment of the team as a single unit. Mid subject reflection Clear communication is the first and most important skill every leader must develop. This is the medium by which they communicate to the team on current achievements and future goals. A leader must be able to be communicating both positive and negative messages in a diplomatic and firm manner without demoralizing team members. I have also had to work on my delegating skills in which I have had to take charge of team meeting and gathering and host the team regarding the agenda and reason for the meeting(Baldoni, 2004). This must not be limited to the official meeting but should also be used during team fests. During Celebrations and parties the team lead should be able to delegate regarding the reason for the gathering. Being able to develop the above skills will allow me to develop my leadership skills which mastering he above points which are critical towards leadership. A leader must be able to understand and implement the above points beginning with the ability to evaluate and assess after which be able to take one the responsibility and communicate clearly regarding his intention and objective thus helping him win follower interest which automatically propels them to a leading position where colleagues view the individual as a mentor and turn to them for guidance. As per my experience constantly working on a daily basis on the same routine can result in becoming very boring making it important for a leader to master motivational skills to keep the teams or individuals spirits high while working. To achieve this trustworthiness must be developed by team members towards the leader(Gill, 2009). They must be able to trust the leader to understand their situation and be able to communicate their concern which the leader should be able to resolve and help rebuild the individuals or teams spirit. Post Subject Reflection To retain my teams interest and focus towards my capabilities, I will have to invest heavily in learning new approaches and being creative to resolve problems. Colleague must be able to approach the leaders to devise and information related to experiences which they encounter and the leader should be able to deliver a solution. Even when there is no clear solution mind the leader should be able to calm the situation and turn to do some external research on the topic and deliver a more details response later. As per my experience responding and following up on colleague concerns will be especially important since it will demonstrate the leaders interest towards the problem. This, in turn, helps build a stronger relationship between the leader and team thus allowing the team to trust and acknowledge the individual as reliable and trustworthy. Leadership also requires constant creativity, the ability to provide feedback and clearly outline each team members responsibilities on the team. This is a role which will require the leader to practice a firm role towards the team by clearly stating the teams objectives and expectations. Once again the commercial and financial aspects linked to the team's existence must be clearly outlined to prevent the team losing focus on the why they are working as a team. Stewarding refers to leading a team but also keeping the team and organization interests in mind and synchronizing the two while ensuring all stakeholders remain happy at all times. A steward must be able to understand the relationship between the business and its workforce and be able to highlight points which can be presented to all stakeholders keeping their interests in mind(Block, 2013). To develop my stewarding skills I have had to focus my attention towards the following areas namely; self-examination, rewarding the stakeholders, self-sacrificial and retain high expectations. As a steward, I have had to constantly exam myself and performance before evaluating others. Its only logical for one to be able to lead others if they are setting the right example and to do this one must be able to evaluate their performance. Self-examination plays a huge role towards maintenance consistency and focuses on their responsibilities which automatically has a direct effect and influences the team. Not until or unless a steward is achieved his goals can expect others to pursue and achieve their goals. In my experience, hard work calls for Reward and being able to reward stakeholders plays an important role towards retaining their attention and focus towards their work. Activities must be organized and high achievers highlighted and rewarded which instigates others to also focus on making similar achievements. Being able to place myself on the front line with regard to team underperformance and other stressful situations has also played a major role towards building my stewardships skills(Hussein, 2007). I have had to be prepared to be self-sacrificial in a certain situation where I have had to step out and take the blame or responsibility with the objective of shielding my team. This has helped me retain the overall teams integrity thus allowing them to retain their focus on their objectives and organization growth and development. Its also important to retain focus on the big picture and retain high expectations for future growth and development. A steward must be able to clearly outline future growth objectives and targets thus highlighting their understanding of the overall organization's objectives and growth goals. This is critical since it demonstrates a stewards future vision and how they intend on reaching the set goals. In my experience, I have observed that management, leadership, and stewardship are also qualified one must master so as to develop in in their corporate world. Only by developing each of the skills sets falling under these categories will professionals be able to excel in the career and build a successful career as a manager or business professional. Bibliography Adair, J., 2013. Develop Your Leadership Skills. New Delhi: Kogan Page Publishers. Baldoni, 2004. Great Communication Secrets Of Great Lea. New Delhi: Tata McGraw-Hill Education. Block, P., 2013. Stewardship: Choosing Service Over Self-Interest. Califonia: Berrett-Koehler Publishers. Dwyer, D., 2013. Interpersonal Relationships. Philedelhia: Routledge. Gill, D.W., 2009. Becoming Good: Building Moral Character. Ozon: InterVarsity Press. HBSP, 2007. Leading by Example. Boston: Harvard Business School. Press. Hussein, B., 2007. Stewardship for All?: Two Believers--One From A Poor Country, One From A Rich Country- Speak From Thei. Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. Jacobson, S.K., 2009. Communication Skills for Conservation Professionals. 2nd ed. New York: Island Press. Jones, G., 2011. Teamwork: How to Build Relationships. SPCK. Magretta, J., 2012. What Management Is: How it works and why it's everyone's business. London: Profile Books. Richman, L., 2011. Improving Your Project Management Skills. AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn.